Saturday, 2 November 2013

Postcards from Bruges

Last weekend we went to Bruges (or Brugge in Flemish). It's the 3rd time I have been so it meant we focused on enjoying the best the Belgian town has to offer (beer, chocolate and food). Without the internet and the ability to Instagram everything I took a hundreds of pictures I have been unable to share, so here are just a few which illustrate our trip away.
4 flags blowing in the wind against a blue sky. 2 flags of Belgium, 2 of the Brugges
The flags of Bruges and Belgium
We had blue skies, wind, rain and drizzle. The stunning architecture looks great against both.

Tower on the edge of the Burg in Bruge against a blue sky with the moon in the background
Sunshine and the moon

A canal in bruge on autumn day with grey sky and autumnal leaves
Grey sky, grey canal, colourful houses and trees
A stone lion in The Markt Brugge with the Belfry in the background

Canals and Cobbles
Bruges has a lot of beautiful canals to walk along, but the cobbles mean flat shoes are essential. They also help if you have had a few too many of the beers which can be deceptively high in alcohol.

Some tourist places have open top tour buses, Bruges has horse and carriages for their guided tours. They beautifully blend in with the scenery.

A bottle of Prearis Blond with 2 glasses of blond beer taken at 't Brugs Beertje
Belgian Beer, taken at Café 't Brugs Beertje
Bruges is beautiful, but the number one reason we visited Belgian was for the beer. It's easy to drive from London (via Eurotunnel) and cheap to park at the station which meant we could go to the supermarket a buy plenty of beer to bring back too.
De Proeverie Tearoom, taking hot chocolate to a new level
Of course Belgium is also famous for it's chocolate and on an rainy Autumn day a great way to enjoy it is with a hot chocolate. We had hot chocolate from De Proeverie Tearoom which comes with a mug of warm milk, a bowl of melted chocolate (to stir into the milk), cream and a few chocolates. Delicious.
2 leaves from autumn floating in the water of a canal in Bruge
Bruges is a popular tourist destination and even at the end of October popular areas were uncomfortably busy. The tranquillity of the canals are a good place to escape to.

Goodnight Bruges

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