Tuesday, 3 September 2013


This month: my daughter turns 2, I find out for definite if I am being made redundant and it's the start of Autumn. I could look at these as big scary changes, or I could see them as exciting new opportunities.
My daughter is no longer a baby. Now we can hold small conversations and she makes jokes (like saying "toast, toast" with toast in her hands, then pointing at my foot and giggling saying "toes".
Leaving a company I've been at for 7 and a half years will be sad. There are some people I will be really sad to say goodbye to. Yes I will stay in touch with people, but there are some that I would love to know better that I will probably never see again. At new companies I get to meet new people, make new friendships and learn new things.
Autumn is cooler and wetter, but I love crunching in the fallen leaves and my daughter loves splashing in puddles. It's also time for harvest and the apples, plums and pears in my garden should be ready for eating soon.
September is here and it's looking golden.

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