Monday, 30 September 2013

Sitting on the kitchen floor

Sitting on the kitchen floor. I've just come back from my "leaving do". I'm now unemployed. 

I guess the question is "how do I feel?". To be honest I don't know. It changes from moment to moment.

I feel bitter that after 7 1/2 years at my company so few people made an effort to say goodbye. Even my last 2 managers.

I feel touched by some of the messages from those that did make the time.

I feel so so sad to say goodbye to people who I will inevitably lose touch with.

I feel excited about what the future might hold.

I feel regret for missed opportunities.

I feel scared for my new world and I fear going to bed because of what will be my life when I wake up.

I'm listening to music because I don't want to be alone with me. I'm not sure I want to be me right now. I definitely don't want to be alone.

But tomorrow is a new day. A bright day. I will pick myself up off the floor. I will find the strength and I will turn the page to write the new chapter of my life.

Please forgive me if I shed some tears first

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sleeping Bags for Toddlers?

Sleeping bags for babies are great. I have used them with my daughter since she was very young both while cosleeping and in the cot. They have the benefit that they can't kick them off (which happened every time I used a blanket with M) and you don't have to worry about the material covering the baby's face.

A lot of sleeping bags come in sizes up to 6 months and 6 to 18 months. When your child grows out of the 2nd size they are probably walking and maybe in a cot bed so are sleeping bags still useful? My daughter is now 2 and has been in cot bed with a duvet for a few months, but I've not been completely satisfied with this new arrangement. She continues to kick off her duvet or rolls off the bed and ends up without a cover so when I was given the chance to try a Bubbaroo Sleep Bag I thought it was worth a try.

Firstly I have to say this sleeping bag from Australia is magic, and not in a way the manufacturers would have intended. We were sent the Medium Tog Joey Swag which is suitable for temperatures from 21 to 23 degrees Celsius. For most of the first 2 months after it arrived the temperature in my daughter's nursery was consistently above this so we didn't get to try it out. This was unfortunate for trying out the product, but great for the summer. At last now the weather has cooled and we have had a chance to try it out.

The Bad Bits
  • If put down when not sleepy my daughter loves to play with the zip, but she loves the cosiness so although she will undo the zip she wont normally climb out. As she tends to sleep on her front it isn't a problem if the bag is undone.
  • Throughout the year the temperature range in most nurseries will vary considerably. This means a number of sleep bags of different togs will be required
Toddler sleeping in a sleep bag with a rabbit on her face
Great for sleeping anywhere

The Good Bits
  • It keeps her warm and cosy all night
  • While the Safety Instructions says she shouldn't walk in it, it's inevitable children will at times. The Joey Swag bag comes in 4 sizes, the largest ones being Toddler Joey (18-36 months) and Child Joey (3 to 6 years). M managed to get around effectively when she wanted to.
  • The bag can be used with a 3 or 5 seat harness eg in a car seat or buggy. This makes it great for travelling and then scooping up and carrying into bed.
  • It is inevitable that children will be sick at times, and when they are you might get through several lots of bedding. The Joey Swag Sleep Bag washes well and can even be tumble dried on a low setting.
  • The zip is down the front of the bag and has 2 zippers. This means that you can move the zippers to where ever they are least likely to be fiddled with and you can also open it up to check or change a nappy without making the baby cold.
  • The 100% cotton bag is lovely and soft inside and out making it as comfy for your child as for you when you are hugging them.
So do sleeping bags work for toddlers?

I think it depends on the child. When my child is being an escape artist she wont keep the bag on, but she does like the comfort of the bag and sometimes refuses to take it off. We spent a snuggly afternoon on the sofa when she was feeling unwell, she was snuggled up next to me in the sleeping bag and got more comfort than a blanket with no risk of cold toes. I have also found a sleep bag ideal for when we went camping.

Sleepy Toddler standing up in a sleep bag
Sleepy toddler (warning not designed to be walked in)

About Bubbaroo

Bubbaroo landed in the UK from Australia earlier this year. As well as the Joey Swag there is a Blankie (comfort blanket) and Joey Pouch (A swaddling bag for newborns to make swaddling easy). The Joey Swag is available in 4 different weights from Light-weight (0.5 tog, 24 to 27 degrees) to Extra Heavy-Weight (3.5 tog, 10 to 17 degrees).
The products have all gone through testing and quality control an the sleep bag conforms to bs 8510:2009 (which is the safety of children's sleep bags, in case you didn't know).

Silent Sunday 22nd September 2013

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


This month: my daughter turns 2, I find out for definite if I am being made redundant and it's the start of Autumn. I could look at these as big scary changes, or I could see them as exciting new opportunities.
My daughter is no longer a baby. Now we can hold small conversations and she makes jokes (like saying "toast, toast" with toast in her hands, then pointing at my foot and giggling saying "toes".
Leaving a company I've been at for 7 and a half years will be sad. There are some people I will be really sad to say goodbye to. Yes I will stay in touch with people, but there are some that I would love to know better that I will probably never see again. At new companies I get to meet new people, make new friendships and learn new things.
Autumn is cooler and wetter, but I love crunching in the fallen leaves and my daughter loves splashing in puddles. It's also time for harvest and the apples, plums and pears in my garden should be ready for eating soon.
September is here and it's looking golden.