Friday, 30 August 2013

Book Review: Wonderful Wildlife 123

The front cover: Wonderful Wildlife 123
Plot Summary: Counting to 20 has never been so funny and quirky
Favourite page: Meercats sunbathing on bats!

Favourite character: this loveable bigfoot
What my daughter thinks:
Even at age 2 she giggled at the bats and rats being used as sun loungers
What I think:
The Simpsons is now in it's 25th series because it appeals to both adults and kids, Wonderful Wildlife 123 is the book equivalent. The pictures are cute, but also thoughtful with detail a pre-schooler will probably miss. It is written in rhyme, but over pages to make mini stories. I didn't think I would be surprised by the plot of a book aimed at introducing numbers, but it is impossible to guess what is on the next page. I genuinely love this book although I'll have to keep some of the reasons why a secret or I would ruin the surprise.

Other details
Type of book: Paperback picture book
Age range: Aimed at preschool
Words per page: less than 10 in a large font
Price: £5.99
Author: Charles Fuge
Illustrations: Charles Fuge
Publisher: Parragon
ISBN 978-1-4723-1990-6

I am part of Parragon Book Buddies review club and I was sent this book to read with my daughter, but I was under no obligation to blog or write nice things. The nice things are because the book is great.

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