Thursday, 29 August 2013

Book Review: Ring a-Ring O'Roses

Front Cover: Ring a-Ring O'Roses
Plot summary: Play the music, read the words and see the pictures of this classic nursery rhyme
Favourite Page: Atishoo! Atishoo! (you know what comes next)

Favourite Character: each button makes a different noise, I like the bears cheeky laugh
What my daughter thinks: She likes to press the buttons

What I think: Not one to take out of the house unless you want to be serenaded by music every time you accidentally move your bag and place pressure on a button. A book that plays music, makes noises, lights up AND has pictures of animals has go to be a winner.

Other details
Type of book: Board Book with music
Age range: Publisher recommendation 1+
Words per page: less than 5 in a large font
Price: £5.99
Author: Not Given
Illustrations: Not Given
Publisher: Parragon as part of their little learners range
ISBN 978-1-4454-9552-1

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