Saturday, 24 August 2013

Getting Muddy in Essex

Earlier this year I ran Cancer Research UK's Race for Life for the first time. It was emotional and hard work and totally worth it. After the race they handed me a flyer for their new event: Pretty Muddy, a 5k obstacle race. I thought you'd have to be pretty mad to do that.

A sweaty woman in pink after running Race for Life
My post race 'glow'
Less than a month later I was signing up and I was excited about it.

When I did Race for Life I did it on my own. This time I will be part of a team with some other crazy Essex ladies. I'm hoping that the together we can pull each other through the mud and help beat cancer.

The Important Details
We'll be racing in Basildon on 21st September cheer us on using  #MuddyEssexGirls
Check out the other team members blogs: An Essex Wife  Chezmummy
Sponsor us here
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Find out more about the event here

I'm expecting this plus mud and things to climb over
Cancer be scared Muddy Essex Girls are coming to get you

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