Monday, 26 August 2013

Take a walk with me

I've always enjoyed walking. It is an activity that everyone can enjoy at their own pace. The day I went into labour I walked for several miles (that might have had something to do with going in to labour).

If walking with M I try not to have a destination in mind. She rarely goes the direction I would like and she likes to stop and look at everything. Things that as an adult we wouldn't notice. I'll find her crouched down on the floor looking at an ant or staring up into a tree. A dog walking past will probably result in us changing direction. But the destination doesn't matter, it's the journey.

If I want to spend more of my time walking than watching I wear M on my back in a sling (usually my Ergobaby or my Rose & Rebellion). I am lucky enough to be surrounded by Epping Forest and plenty of other lush forests so there are no end of places to explore.

A toddler looks at daisies, stands under a tree and strokes a tree
My daughter enjoying a walk
On 14th September there is a walk in Hatfield Forest for MacMillan. Miles for Macmillan is a perfect event for the family they have 3 and 8 mile walks around the country. The 3 mile walk at Hatfield Forest is even suitable for pushchairs and dogs. This beautiful ancient royal hunting forest is in Bishop's Stortford and it has a café, shop and toilets on site. There is a charge for parking as it is managed by the National Trust so be prepared to pay or use public transport.

Pictures from last time I went to Hatfield Forest
You can find out where your nearest Miles for Macmillan event is and sign up here. The event is supported by Boots (which I think is a brilliant partner to have for a walking event, so many pun opportunities).

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