Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Yesterday evening when I arrived at nursery a staff member advised me that M had been biting a lot. "Things or other people?" I asked. "Both" came the reply.


She bit one child so hard that they had to fill in an incident form.


They think it might be because she has some teeth coming through.

So it's a one off pain management thing?

She bit a child who took a toy off her.


What do you say?

Am I meant to be super embarrassed and apologetic? A lot of children go through bitey stages. M didn't do it on Sunday when she had friends round and they stole her toys; she just cried.

M spends more of her waking hours at nursery than at home so if the biting is due to a parenting fail whose fault is it?
Mine for being her parent?
Mine for delegating parenting to nursery?
Or theirs for being the "parent" on duty when the behaviour happened?

Should I be telling them off for allowing it to happen? And multiple times yesterday as well!
By encouraging M to bite Sophie La Girafe did I open the door to biting Sophie Le Child?

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