Friday, 28 June 2013

Yes I'm still Breastfeeding

Are you still breastfeeding?
It's a comment I get asked fairly frequently. I don't think it's people being critical but rather people not understanding why after 21 months I might still breastfeed my child.

Most days M asks for “mork” when she wakes up in the morning and at some point in the hour between her coming home from nursery and going to bed. At weekends, when I am with her more, or when she is unwell she wants to nurse more often. At times this is annoying, other times it is lovely.

So it's just for comfort then?
When people ask this I wonder if they mean hers or mine. Yes it is comforting for us both, but most of the benefits to newborns or milk continue as long as you nurse, and some increase. I am convinced that she and I have been ill less often and less seriously because of our breastfeeding relationship. At 6am in the morning I suspect her reason is hunger and mine is so I can lean back with my eyes closed for a little longer while M has some milk.

When are you going to stop?
My daughter will often ask for “mork”, but if it is getting close to bed time and she hasn't had any I will offer her some. She gets super excited. Why would I stop giving her something that costs me nothing, is good for her and is something she enjoys?

There are some occasions when it annoys me eg when she comes over takes 2 sips runs off, runs back and repeats. There are times when I say “no” like when she was pulling my dress down when we were at the vets in the consulting room. She throws a tantrum. She is very good at throwing tantrums and regularly throws them throughout the day. To force her to wean would involve a lot of tantrums. Why would I put her or I through that?

For every one time I have been fed up with breastfeeding there have been another 3 when I have been grateful that I still am including when she has been injured and nursing her stopped the tears (and in the case of a badly cut tongue the blood too).

If breastfeeding is no longer right for you then stop, but please don't stop because of the influence of people who think you should only breastfeed a child under 6 months.

Are you still going to breastfeed her when she's at school?
Children who are allowed to self wean from the breast do so at different ages. My daughter isn't yet 2. She wont start school for another 3 years. Since she was born she has grown from a dependent tiny ball who needed my help for everything to an independent, confident child who tries to do everything herself. Who knows what she will be like in another 2 years. Basically they are implying that my daughter will never wean, this is rubbish.

Breastfeeding is the one thing that I can be truly proud of as a mum.

I let my daughter watch too much TV.
I don't always give her healthy food.
Sometimes I can't be bothered to play with her.
I'm rubbish at brushing her teeth and cutting her nails

But for nearly 6 months I exclusively nourished my baby with my milk.
For a further 15 months I have supported and comforted her through breastfeeding.

One day M will no longer want mummy milk. It may happen quickly, it may happen slowly (there are times already when she says “no” to it). I'm in no rush. I know it will be hard on me and I probably wont be ready, but it wont be hard on her, because it will be her choice. And that's my choice.

Toddler breastfeeding with visible blister from Hand, Foot and mouth disease on her hand
Poorly girly with Hand, Foot & Mouth being comforted by Breastfeeding

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  1. Oh I got ahead of myself!

    I'm currently breastfeed my 28 month old twins, I plan to continue for as long as they wish to.

  2. Im feeding my 4 month old and have no plans of when to stop.

  3. My baby is 16 months old and still feeds 4-5 times a day.I'M guessing he will continue to nurse for a good few months yet and thats fine. As you say - there are far more times that I am glad we are still feeding than times when it annoys me!

  4. Keep going! I breastfed my first two until they were both 2 and a half (only stopped each time because of being pregnant) and now breastfeeding my third. Not planning a fourth so she can carry on as long as she likes. Am also rubbish at cutting nails!

  5. This is how I feel but I couldn't write it as beautifully as this. I fed for 22 months last time, my daughter semi self weaned when I had to go away for a few nights and didn't want boob when I returned home. I hope my almost 6month old has just a lengthy breastfeeding experience.

  6. this is lovely. its given me confidence to carry on. i definitely think ill let her wean herself.

  7. As long as my little man wants to feed from me

  8. Thanks for sharing. I breastfed my daughter for 19 months, we're currently 18 months with no sing of stopping with my son.... we'll stop when we are both ready hopefully

  9. There's some interesting research by Kathy Dettwyler about the natural age of weaning here:

    My daughter is 27 months and will wean when she's ready.

  10. Been feeding for 3 months now, i want to feed as long as she wants to :)

  11. Lovely post, thanks for linking to me. I breastfed my son until he was 25 months and will nurse my daughter for as long as she wants to.

  12. Currently at 13 months - will continue until he seems ready to stop

  13. more than 6mnths


  14. Excellent post! Been feeding my daughter for 22 months now and would like to continue until she's ready to stop.


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