Saturday, 8 June 2013

Walking around with a fortune

A lot of companies run competitions to encourage bloggers to write a post advertising them in return for a chance to win something.  This is one of them, but it particularly interested me for 2 reasons: the topic is "What's in your handbag?" and the prize is a Mulberry Bayswater shoulder handbag, wallet and phone case handbag.

The contents of a person's bag is very personal, it says a lot about the owner: are they neat, messy, organised, glamorous, practical... the insights it can provide are endless. Before I started emptying my bag for a picture I wasn't sure what would be in there, but here it is.

A combination of work, mother, woman and mess.

Contents and cost
Work iPad (loaned and insured by my company)
A couple of random work business cards (free)
Work notes (free)
A pen (free)
A couple of Moleskine notepads (£5)
Post it notes (property of my company, so free?)
Work pass with a lanyard from Yorkshire Sculpture Park (£3?)
Around a dollar in coins from when I went to San Francisco in February (£1)
A nappy (12p)
Baby wipes (£1)
Goodies Apple & Orange soft Oaty bar (50p)
Emergency dummies: Avent Silicone Soother (£5)
Car key (£200 ish)
House key (£7 plus cost of a lock change, £100ish)
Limited edition 2012 Jubilee Oyster card (£3, registered so money would be moved to new card)
Pink Tangle Teezer (£10)
Cath Kidston Umbrella (£22)
Miu Miu wallet (£200 ish) contain about £20 and a lot of cards
BareMinerals READY SPF20 foundation (£25)
A couple of Twinnings tea bags (free samples)
Ear plugs- 2 packs?!? (£1)
Paracetamol (20p)
Migraleve (£5)
Clean tissues (50p)
Dirty tissues (really don't need to be replaced)
Wax crayons (free from a restaurant with a kids meal)
Lip balm (£2)
I love mummy mirror- a birthday present (c£10)
Jing Jang creme (i don't think it's on sale anymore)
ear phones (£20)
Sweet wrappers (now in the rubbish)
Chewing gum (50p)
and the handbag: Pied A Terre (£250ish)
Plus my iPhone5 (£529) but that rarely leaves my hand long enough to make it into my handbag

Total cost £1420 plus work iPad and case

The average cost of a handbag and it's contents is over £850 according to an Insurance expect at MoneySupermarket. That cost is before you take into account the hassle of replacing everything and ordering new cards. A number of items couldn't be replaced including pictures taken on my phone since last back up.

Insurance is one of the things I am really careful about and we have a good home insurance policy which has a high level of cover. The cover includes my handbag and contents when out of the house (as long as I don't do something stupid like leave it in my car), but I hope I don't have to go through this process.

Do you know what's in your bag? And are you covered if you need to replace it?

If you would like to enter the competition and blog about the contents of your handbag full details are available here

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  1. Nice entry to the comp, good luck from us (the people supplying the 6 x £25 Asos runner up prizes)


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