Friday, 5 April 2013

My Blogging Break

In my mind a "blogging break" conjures up something akin to an artist retreat, but unfortunately it was nothing so romantic that kept me quiet (on my blog) for the last few months. My life has been crazy busy over the last few months with work, life, volunteer work, studying. At the beginning of this year my mental to do list was so long that I spent more of my time feeling guilty that I wasn't doing half of it, than doing any of it. So I made a decision to reprioritise and one of the things that lost out was my blog.

I fully intended to post and say the reason for my absence, but as time drifted by it was one more thing on my to do list that didn't get done. Anyway, I'm back now.

I'm still super busy, but I've missed blogging. I'm determined not to let guilt get to me so I will blog when I can and not worry when I can't. My blog also has had a bit of a facelift.

Thank you for coming back and having a read: I hope to see more of you in the future (not in a naked way, well, probably not in a naked way...).

Love Kate x

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