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15 reasons to love Kiddicare Lakeside

When I was pregnant I would have loved to have discovered this store: there are so many things to love about it.  It really has everything you might need to buy for your new baby including all the support and advice to decide what is right for your family. After you have had a look and play with everything you can purchase in confidence knowing that the price will be competitive.

Does it sound like I'm being paid to advertise the store? I'm not, although I was invited to come visit their brand new and huge store in Lakeside. The hospitality was great, but I genuinely have to say I loved the store due to the range, prices and all the little touches they have to make you smile.

What I love about Kiddicare

1) It's huge. If you ever visited their massive store in Peterborough Lakeside is even bigger.

2) It's not scary. Walking in to a huge store could be intimidating, especially if you are pregnant with your first and aren't really sure what you want, but it's not for loads of reasons (see below).

3) The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  Before opening all new staff went through weeks of training (6 I think) to specialise in their bit of the store and get an overview of the rest. Kiddicare decided that wasn't enough though so while newly open they got experience staff from their Peterborough store to buddy up and help provide extra support.

4) If you want a little bit more help you can book their VIB (Very Important Baby) service; personal shopping in comfort. Book ahead if going at a peak time.

5) The range is fantastic, even at Baby Shows you are unlikely to see so many different makes and models. Unfortunately they don't have Bugaboo or iCandy pushchairs (currently) but with over 300 different models you wont miss them.

Try before you buy on the buggy test track
6) A dedicated car seat team will ensure your needs are met and will even take one out to make sure it fits in your car.  After purchase you can get them to fit the seat and make sure it is safe.
Car seats at Kiddicare lakeside come with expert fitting
Just a selection of the car seats
7) When you need a break there is a cafe with plenty of fabulous high chairs, large tables for groups, sofas and a play area to keep your little ones entertained while you have a coffee or cake. 

The cafe and feeding nest
8) Whatever the age of your little one when they are hungry feeding them is stress free. Fabulous tasty lunch box options, kit to warm food/ formula and a feeding nest if your baby needs to be fed away from distractions.
Food at Kiddicare lakeside
The kids lunch box selection
9) It's great for socialising: large community tables in the cafe, a free tea or coffee (between 10 and 11am) and a free room you can hire for larger groups.

Free to hire community room at Kiddicare Lakeside

10) Lots of little touches: doors for your little person and for you to the changing room, 2 size toilets (in both the ladies and gents), plenty of places to rest your weary legs through out the store and a mirror to show you how many months pregnant you look (I'm about 5 months pregnant apparently).

"Mum and me" toilets
Special changing room entrance for smaller customers
11) Breastfeeding is welcomed any where, but the feeding nest provides privacy if required. With water and super comfy chairs you might prefer to get away from it all.  The breastfeeding section of the store is also well stocked. Obviously while no extra kit is required to breastfeed it is a nice touch to have anything you might want together (including my feeding cover of choice Bebe au Lait).

Feeding Nest at Kiddicare Lakeside
Nurse in comfort

Breastfeeding stuff at Kiddicare Lakeside
If covers, breast pads and lanolin are your thing
find them in one place
12) A large store is great for browsing, but often you want to purchase online to save money.  One of my favorite features is the electronic price labels.  It allows them to quickly change the price to ensure they remain competitive. The price you see on Kiddicare online is the price you can expect to pay in store and if that isn't enough they have a 7 day price match and 25% of the difference promise.

13) They have computers around the store where you can check stock for larger items and arrange home delivery if you want.

14) The 365 day return policy means you can buy in pregnancy and not have to worry about returning items that aren't used (eg if you discover your pink baby is actually blue).

15) If you are buying for a present why not wrap it before you leave the store with the easy to use and free gift wrapping area?
Gift wrapping available
That's a wrap
There are so many more things I could add.  It is a brilliant store with brilliant products and brilliant staff that are proud to be working there.

Kiddicare Lakeside opened in the old Best Buy store in December 2012. They are opening a number of new stores across the country: all huge, all fantastic.  If you are pregnant, have young children or know someone who has it is definitely worth a visit. There is plenty of parking, baby changing and everything else you would expect (and a lot you wouldn't).

New Kiddicare stores opening soon in: Rotherham, Liverpool, Southampton, Enfield, Bristol, Croydon and Hayes.

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