Monday, 31 December 2012

Apps to track weight loss (or gain!)

I do love a good app, especially if it's free. To help me get on track for my healthy (well healthier) January as part of Operation Mojo I thought I would check out some of the free apps for iPhone that help monitor weight loss.

My Criteria

  • It must be free (currently)
  • It must be an iPhone app as I have an iPhone 5 and I want to quickly record info on the go
  • It must allow me to enter my weight each day
  • It must plot the information on a graph- because I like a visual of how I'm doing
  • I don't want to record calorie intake or what exercise I am doing so I haven't looked at apps where you can enter that additional information

(In the order I downloaded them)

BMI Buddy by 1/5

  • You can record lots of measurements, but not measurements I am interested in (not sure where I would measure my abdomen for instance and I don't know what my subscapular is)
  • Graphs plot BMI and caliper measurements against time
  • Male friendly
  • Designed for personal trainers to keep track of their clients, so less suited to individuals (unless you happen to have a pair of calipers).
  • You can only enter whole kg (or lbs)
Monitor Your Weight by Husain Al-Bustan 4/5

  • Allows you to enter a Start Date and Start weight so you can start using the app after to you have already started to change shape and still show total loss (or gain)
  • Suggests ideal weight and a target date, but you can overwrite these (which is handy because I know I can't eat and maintain the weight it suggested for me).
  • It suggests the amount of calories you use per day based on your life style and weight/ height
  • It has a good summary page including how close you are to your goal weight and time as well as average daily and weekly loss
  • It doesn't have adverts (currently)
  • The graph shows baseline and actual weight
  • It has a handy in app help section
  • You can track multiple people
  • You can export your entries via email, good for back up
  • You can't record measurements

Weight Recorder by Travis Luke My Rating 3/5

  • You can import and export data
  • It will automatically calculate your percentage body fat from your bmi or from key measurements
  • You choose for the graph to show Weight, BMI, Body fat or waist measurements
  • No Adverts
  • You can't enter targets

BMI Tracker by Mindlowned My Rating 2.5/ 5

  • Very Simple: you enter your weight and it shows it in a list and on a graph as your BMI
  • The graph is coloured to show you if you Obese, Over Weight, Normal or Under Weight

  • You can't record any measurements
  • You can't set targets (it's based on reaching/maintaining a normal BMI)
  • Adverts are next to where you need to press to view the graph which gets in the way

NHS BMI healthy weight calculator and tracker by NHS Choices My Rating 3/5

  • You can set reminders as either a one off, weekly or monthly
  • Nice simple summary page showing you your BMI is in the range and your last weight entered
  • You can easily switch between a graph showing weight or BMI against time
  • You can add multiple users
  • It provides some (basic) advice about what you can do to change your BMI
  • No Adverts
  • You can easily change your height, this shouldn't be required once set up
  • You can't record any measurements
  • You can't set targets (it's based on reaching/maintaining a normal BMI)

Fitter Fitness Calculator & Weight Tracker by MigoApps LLC My Rating 3/5

  • When you enter a new weight you can share it via facebook and twitter
  • You can set a goal of either maintaining current weight or losing a specified amount a week.  If you enter your target weight it also tells you when you can expect to reach it
  • The graph shows your actual and target weight
  • You can enter and calculate your BMI, BMR, body fat and waist to hip ratio.
  • It has a good summary page of where you are now which links to a number of graphs
  • The adverts make the information on screen a bit squashed, this feels worse on my iPhone 5 as it's not optimised for the longer screen and I generally don't like the look and feel, although the functionality is ok
  • Back up, password etc require an upgrade (£1.49)

Tap Weight Free by Olexandr Luchlovsky My Rating 2/5

  • If you want a very simple app to just record weight this is it.
  • You can enter historical weights
  • No adverts
  • If you turn your phone sideways you get a larger graph which allows you to look at more historic data and change the scale
  • You can't enter anything other than weight
  • Too basic for me
  • You can't set a target

Weight Diary Free by My Rating 3/5

  • You can protect your information with a Passcode
  • Good summary screen shows current weight, goal  weight, BMI and a graph or log of previous data or a summary of progress to date
  • You can export data to dropbox
  • Additional features require an Upgrade (69p)

I'm going to continue using a few of them for a couple of weeks to decide which one works best for me

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