Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Great First Cup for Babies with Bite

Being a boob baby Baby M never had much exposure to drinking from bottles. As she got older and ate more solids I wanted to encourage her to drink water so that when she was away from me she could go without milk. It seemed a bit late to introduce a bottle so I wanted some sort of sippy cup that Baby M could drink from. Preferable without needing a change of clothes.

I tried a few different styles but M struggled to understand what to do with them.  I was sent a Munchkin Click Lock Cup to try in the summer and from the beginning M loved it. Like many 9 month olds loved to chew on things and the spout on the sippy cup is great to chew on.  Over time she discovered that by chewing on it and tipping it up at the same time she could get water out of it. 

Here is our review:

The Highs
  • They come in a range of bright, fun colours ours is pink, green and yellow
  • When you put the lid on properly you hear a ‘click’ this means you can be confident that it wont leak
  • For babies that like to bite the soft silicone spout is great and makes it is easy to work out how to drink
  • The hourglass shape is easy for babies to hold without the need for handles.
  • The clever valve means that you don’t need a lid or a cap so baby can pick it up and drink when they want, and you don’t need to worry about it being put down upside down.

The Lows
  • Mine now leaks. In the top there is a valve which after several months of happy use I put my thumb through when washing it. Don’t do this.

Our Verdict
A great, fun cup. No leaking and no worrying about it being left upside down. After 3 months of frequent use, biting and being dropped on the floor (and occasionally thrown out of the buggy) it lasted well.  
The cup costs £3.99 rrp 

The Small Print
I was sent the 10oz Click Lock Cup to try over the summer, but all words and opinions above are my own.

These are some of their words: 
Munchkin's new range of Click Lock™ Cups are just right because they just CLICK. These cups feature a simple click-and-lock lid to securely close for a leak proof seal - guaranteed. Parents will see, hear and feel the cup lock, so they have triple assurance against dribbles and drips.
Click Lock™ cups are available in an assortment of vibrant colours and styles including spill proof, trainer, straw, and flip straw. Because sometimes things in life just click!
  • Click-Lock™ opening & closing mechanism for leak proof seal
  • New Silicone seal so easier to drink
  • Soft durable tinted spout for easy flow of liquid
  • New contemporary design makes cups easy to hold
  • 3 colours in range
  • BPA free
  • 6m+

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