Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A letter to my cleaner

I have no problem telling people at work or loved ones where they have gone wrong. I suspect if you ask my family they will say that I am far too willing to point out the bad and rarely praise the good. This isn't always the case. There is one group of people that I find it hard to be honest and openly critical of: those I pay, in particular hairdressers and my cleaner. These are the people that I most need to advise when I'm not happy with their work, but I really struggle.

I like things done a particular way. I know people aren't psychic and they won't do everything I want unless I ask, but I find it so hard to say anything to my cleaner. Overall she is great: in one hour a week she does a quick once over of my house so I can keep on top of things. So I don't want to upset or annoy her, but I'm going slowly mad. So I need to share.

Dear cleaner,

You are great, but:

- if you change the kitchen bin please take the bin bag out instead of leaving a stinky bin bag next to the bin
- please put the mouthwash back on the sink, not the surrounding area as it stains
- please don't swap the positions of my identical bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I don't wear my glasses in the shower so reading the labels is a pain
- please put the mixer on the bath taps back to the tap option rather than the shower head as I end up getting soaked when I run my daughters bath.
- please put the mats in the bathroom back in the same place. Am I weird for wanting one in front of the sink, one in front of the bath and one in front of the loo?
- please don't wash my dishes badly: you know I have a dishwasher and I've asked you to leave them.

I think that's everything.

Best Wishes

Your messiest client

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  1. I think it is right to tell people where they have gone wrong, but pay attention to it is done in a right way.


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