Saturday, 11 August 2012

Taking a moment

Please can I stop time? Stay in this moment for just a little longer? My daughter is at the most amazing age. She is so incredibly beautiful and lovely.

Next month she turns one.
Next month she starts nursery.
Next month I go back to work.

Spending the last year off work has been the most amazing gift. I have experienced some of the hardest moments of my life, but also many of the best.

Time has moved so quickly. My daughter is no longer a tiny little baby who is totally dependent on me and only communicates through crying. She can now crawl, and stand (supported) and climb. She can find the toys she wants to play with. She can feed herself. She smiles and laughs and waves and jumps up and down to show her pleasure. She also throws tantrums when she isn't happy. Communicating in 100s of ways (including saying "mama").

Everyday I look at her in amazement and wonder. I also look on in fear: I'm scared something will happen to her, that as I stop being with her all day everyday I can no longer protect her.

Time will and must move on, but I'm just going to take a minute and be grateful that I have the most amazing daughter who I love so much. Whatever happens in the future we'll always have right now

Happy Mummy and Baby


  1. awww, thats such a nice way of putting it. my little boy is only 14 weeks old and already i can see a big change in him!

    1. Everyone says they grow up so fast, and they really do. Sometimes it's only when Inlook at Photos I notice


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