Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My A to Z of Babywearing

A is for authorised stockists.  There are a lot of fake versions of the more expensive carriers. Before buying one check out the authorised retailers on the brands website.  Fakes are poorer quality and may be at best uncomfortable and at worst dangerous.
B is for breastfeeding on the go.  You don't need to breastfeed to babywear, but if you do slings can allow you to discreetly nurse while out and about.
C is for keeping your baby close enough to kiss.  This is great for cuddles and it distributes the weight better making it more comfortable for you.
D is different styles for different people.  Choose the one that is best for you and your baby.
E is for easy. Even wraps are easy to put on and wear when you get the hang of them.
F is for facing in with frog legs (their bottom should be lower than knees).  It's important the baby sits in the correct position to avoid the risk of hip dysplasia.
G is babywearing is great for shopping, and travel, and walking, and colic, and teething and just about everything.
H is for hands free.  If your child wants to be carried a lot, or is going through a clingy phase wearing them can mean you can get on with doing things again.
I is for inside the house. Babywearing isn't just for when you are out, at home it means you can get things done, like housework.
J is for jealousy. Expect this from your friends who are having to wait for elevators or are trying to push their buggy through crowds.
K is for kangeroo care.  Babywearing allows extended skin to skin sessions which has proven benefits with newborns.
L is for light. Yes your baby might be feeling heavy when you carry them in your arms, but a good sling or carrier will make your baby feel light again.
M is for Mei Tai: a carrier consisting of a square of fabric with straps at each corner (2 tie around the waist, and 2 go over the shoulder).
N is not just for babies. A good carrier allows you to wear toddlers and young children too.
O is for obsessive. A warning: it is easy to get obsessed with carriers and you may end up with a collection.
P is for lots of pretty patterns and designs.  The reason for my obsession.
Q is for once seen as quirky babywearing is quickly becoming the practical and popular way to transport babies.
R is for ring sling: a fabric sling that goes over one shoulder and across the body, joined together and tightened with 2 rings.
S is for Soft Structured Carriers (SSC): fabric carriers with some form and padding which do up with buckles.
T is for try before you buy at sling meets/ sling libraries to make sure you get one that works for you.
U is for keeping baby in an upright position. This position is great for babies with reflux.
V is for vomit in your cleavage.  Not everything about babywearing is brilliant.
W is for wraps. Stretchy for beginners and younger babies and woven for the more experienced.  These long pieces of fabric can be worn in a huge number of ways.  Check out YouTube for some great videos.
X is for crossing the straps at the back can make the carrier more comfortable.
Y is for if you are not persuaded yet, you really should be (yep I'm running out of ideas).
Z is for zzzzzzz, great for getting babies to sleep.


  1. I am a massive fan of baby wearing - love this list - baby wearing for over a year means that Aaron is VERY emotionally secure.
    Everyone comments on it
    Liska xx

  2. Thank you. Lots of people have asked if it makes children more clingy, it's like they think that responding to a baby's needs will have a negative affect on them.

  3. Thanks for this, very interesting! I'm determined to wear my next baby a lot more than my first as I didn't know half the stuff I do now about babywearing when he was little.


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