Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Every crowd has a Pink Lining

Ok, maybe not every crowd, but they are definitely one of the most popular changing bags to have around here. I live in Loughton, the land of TOWIE. Despite what you may have seen on the tv show there are a lot of beautiful and well dressed women around here. Unfortunately for my self esteem there seem to be several at each of the baby groups I go to.

The first baby group I went to (for parents of 6 months and under at the local NHS clinic) several of the mums had really pretty "Yummy Mummy" bags. At the time I had never heard of Pink Lining, but over the last 9 months I've seen their eye catching bags with the bright pink lining hanging off the pushchairs of many a smart mum.

What's so great about Pink Lining bags? The designs are gorgeous and limited edition, but they are also really well designed with changing mats and pockets for all the essentials. The most popular bags are the "Yummy Mummy" bags, but they also do other bags including extra large bags for twins and mini bags (Mum on the Run and mini yummy mummy bags) for when you only need a few items. I have a lovely Poppins bag and later this week I have one to give away to celebrate my 100th post.

 I've recently discovered Pink Lining do a range of accessories to go with your changing bag (or for those that love the designs, but don't have to carry around nappies and baby wipes).
Pink Lining kindly sent me one of their wallets in the Lovebirds design (to match my changing bag) to review.

The Highs

  • Large and rectangular with a zip all around the outside (10x20x2cm)
  • Come in a range of prints so you can choose your favourite
  • They are made from the same water resistant material as the changing bags (cotton canvas coated in PEVA laminate)
  • Inside as well as a flash of pink this wallet is a lovely shiny gold
  • Lots of pockets for cards (10) and receipts and notes (3)
  • A long zipped pocket for your loose change

The Lows

  • If, like me, you end up with a wallet full of receipts you might struggle to zip it up.  I will need to empty the wallet more regularly
  • I can't think of anything else negative.  

Our Verdict

If you love the Pink Lining designs the wallet makes a lovely addition to your collection.  Last seasons designs are currently on sale at £21 and the new designs can be preordered for £29 available from 10th September 2012.  See the Pink Lining wallets here

Small Print: Pink Lining sent me the wallet to review, but all words and thoughts are my own

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  1. I had a Pink Lining bag with my son 4 years ago, they are very nice, I never knew they did wallets, these are gorgeous xx


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