Thursday, 12 July 2012

Confession time

I had one of those shopping trips today. You know the type: you are running short of time, can't fine what you want, you're hungry, the baby is hungry and tired and you are distracted. We've all been there. When I got back to the car I discovered a bottle of water. The bottle of water I had given Baby M in a shop. The same bottle of water I had forgotten about when paying for everything in that shop. Oops.

This isn't the start of my criminal career. A few months ago I went into a cafe to have a drink and feed Baby M. I then went to the toilet and left. It was only when I was in the shop next door I remembered I hadn't paid for my drink. I quickly rushed back and rectified the situation and the waitress claimed they hadn't noticed.

I'm going to blame Baby Brain.

Please people, make me feel better. What have you forgotten to do, or done by accident when you were tired, stressed or otherwise not yourself?


  1. I stole a pen by accident. I got distracted by comic books. At least you have a decent reason!

  2. I walked out of a store once with a sweater because my friend and I were so involved in our conversation. Something clicked in once out of the door and I turned and hurried back in. So embarrassed, just so embarrassed. But, like you, no one had noticed.


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