Friday, 10 August 2012

Can not or will not?

Recently I have heard a lot of people claim they can't:

  • I can't blow up balloons
  • I can't ride a bike
  • There is no way we could go on holiday to France
  • I can't open the baby gate.

It makes me wonder... how often have people genuinely and repeatedly tried? Have they asked for help to be taught how to do it? Or is it that they haven't tried or they have given up too quickly?

If I say I can't do something it normally means I don't want to. It means that I'm not prepared to make the sacrifices it would take me to succeed. For instance I can no longer go out and get drunk. If I did it would take me roughly 2 days to get over my hangover and I would spend those days exhausted, sick, in pain and looking after a relentless baby.

I have never been someone to accept boundaries though, especially if enforced by others. As soon as I get told that I can't do some thing it provides me with instant motivation to try harder. Especially if people are assuming I can't do something due to my gender or age.

In contrast to most adults around me who like to impose limits on themselves my daughter knows no boundaries. This is refreshing and exhausting. Everyday she is pushing herself further to see how long she can stand for, how high she can climb, what she can put in her mouth. Each week she reaches new milestones, most notable this week is her new discovery of climbing stairs. In turn she is pushing me to do things I never knew I could, like survive on so little sleep.

We should all take a lesson from the young: if you want to do something keep trying until you succeed, if you don't want to do something be honest with yourself and others.

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