Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Time for a bath and a review of the FlexiBath

When you have a new born baby an adult sized bath tub seems far too big for them. Like many other mums and dads I use a baby bath, unlike most others parents our baby bath was a second hand gift from a friend.  It had successfully been used for both of her children and as it was still watertight it did the job for us too, but it looks like a green rectangular washing up bowl.  

I've always been slightly envious of the shiny, colourful new baby baths I've seen in shops, but I didn't really see the point in buying another one.  Although they vary in colour and exact shape they are all pretty much the same thing.  Not so the FlexiBath. This clever baby bath tub with a difference folds flat so it doesn't need to take over your bathroom when not in use. 


Baby M and I were lucky enough to get sent the FlexiBath to review this month.  This is what we thought:

The Highs

  • It's a good size bath with plenty of room for babies and toddlers to splash around and play with toys
  • At 39 litres (according to the packaging I didn't get the measuring jug out) it can be used with children from birth to 4 years old.  
  • It's measurements are Length 66.5cm, Width 38.9cm, Height 23.8cm
  • They come in a range of lovely bright colours
  • It folds flat taking up less space when not in use or for travel
  • It has a splat shape rubber plug that makes it easy to empty, but is secure enough to prevent little fingers pulling it out. 
  • A baby bath uses less water than a full size bath which saves money on heating the water and actual water (if like us you have a water meter or just don't like to waste water). I also reuse Baby M's bath water for the garden.
  • As well as baths it can be used for playtime eg on a hot day in the garden (just don't fill it with your hosepipe :-))
  • When your child eventually gets too big you can easily fold the bath and store it away or use it as a toybox

The Lows

  • The shape of the FlexiBath means I have to hold it in place under the taps to fill it because otherwise it doesn't stay directly under the flow of water.  Other taps may not have this problem
  • The latch to keep it closed sticks out the outside of the bath when open. The instructions says not to eat it (or the bath). Baby M sticks everything in her mouth so it is only a matter of time until this faces the same fate.  As it has no sharp edges I'm not too worried though.
  • It's not easy to move the bath when there is water in it (eg away from the taps), but that is due to the weight of the water and will be the same with all larger baby bath tubs.
  • It is recommended you only use children's soap and shampoo. While this isn't a problem for us I thought I should mention that if you are using oils or medicated bath liquid the instructions warn prolonged use might damage the soft plastic
  • It's not as sturdy as some baby baths, but it's strong enough for Baby M to pull on the sides without any worry.

Our Verdict?

At £29.95 rrp it is more expensive than other baths but the size and convenience mean you can use it for years.  I'm a big fan of the flexibath and we will definitely keep using it.  

The Flexibath is by a Real Cool World and is available from Whitestep
Small print: we were given the Flexibath to review, but all thoughts and words are my own

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  1. This looks excellent, we bought a baby bath with our son and only used a handful of times, we now bath the 2 babies together but I would like to have had the chance to bath them seperatly but it would be too expensive x


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