Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Going bald and covered in scratches

It's normal to lose some hair after you give birth: it's apparently just the loss of the extra hair you grow during pregnancy. Personally I didn't notice my hair got any thicker, and I haven't noticed it falling out in handfuls either (although this may be due to breastfeeding). I have noticed it being pulled out though, in handfuls: baby handfuls.

Baby M (like most babies) loves to grab on to hair and pull. It's the reason many mum's choose to cut their hair short. I find the hair pulling is particularly bad while I'm feeding her and when I'm not having my hair pulled out the little hands are busy grabbing and pinching me. I know she's just exploring both me and her hands, but sometimes I get a little fed up of being mauled during her feeds and it slightly ruins the lovely bonding time that is breastfeeding. Several months ago I bought a mermaid treasure necklace made by Baby Beads. These necklaces are designed and handmade by Jo of babybead.co.uk website. Wearing the necklace while nursing gives little hands something to do that doesn't involve hurting mama.

I have to admit that while I think the necklace is very pretty it isn't the minimalist silver that is my normal jewellery choice. Although the necklace doesn't match my normal style (whatever that is) I am frequently seen wearing it around the house for one simple reason: it works. The beads in all the necklaces are bright and chunky. They are designed to be worn by adults and the cord is strong to allow babies to pull on it without it snapping (safety tested to EU standards). Best of all it is exactly the sort of thing that attracts the attention of Baby M. Baby M can play with the necklace as it hangs down to the perfect height. When she reaches her hands out to tug my hair or stroke (read that as scratch) my face she often gets distracted by the necklace, but not so distracted that she stops feeding.

Jo came up with the idea when her son was young, breastfeeding and easily distracted. Other mums noticed how calm her son was while feeding due to the necklace and she soon started making them for other people.    She has found the necklaces also aid bonding and discovery due to the textures and colours and they have also helped mums who bottle feed.  There are a wide range of different necklaces so you are unlikely to see anyone with the same one.

In June I am blogging for the Keep Britain Breastfeeding scavenger hunt organised by Karen from Boobiemilk. The scavenger hunt aims to raise awareness about breastfeeding and help keep more mums feeding longer.  There is also the chance to win over £500 worth of breastfeeding products by going round various blogs and reading posts about breastfeeding. As part of this I will be writing 4 posts about breastfeeding during June. Subscribe to the boobiemilk website to take part in the scavenger hunt.

Jo from Babybeads offered to sponsor me for scavenger hunt, and after browsing her website I discovered that I have one of her necklaces. On the Baby Beads website Jo sells the necklaces and reminder bracelets which she hand crafts (access her site here). She also stocks a range of other products including reminder bracelets, breastfeeding pillows, breast pads and they are currently the only UK stockists of the booby booster.

I was a little sceptical about the need for the booby booster, but after conversations with ladies who have bigger boobs than myself it turns out that they often have problems with positioning young babies so the nipple is in the best place for a good and pain free latch. One mum advised that she had to hold her breast in one hand while her baby fed making feeding in public embarrassing.

As for the reminder bracelets some mums have said that they know which side to feed on next by giving their chest a quick squeeze. I haven't always found that method reliable (or particularly discreet). Since very early on I have logged all feeds on my phone (including what side Baby M fed on and for how long). For those less anal about how much and how often their child feeds a reminder bracelet is a good idea as it's a subtle and simple way of knowing which side is next.

During the scavenger hunt I will be running a competition to give away a baby beads necklace of your choice.  For now sign up to the scavenger hunt and check out the baby beads website and come back soon to be in for a chance to win.


  1. I've been wanting to get a nursing necklace for a while now.The only reason I haven't is I'm a little concerned that between Spud and Sprout I may get strangled as they fight over the beads. I think I will be needing not one but two necklaces. I'll check out the Babybeads website. Thanks for posting.

    1. I imagine having 2 does make it harder. 4 little hands could cause chaos if not occupied. Good Luck


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