Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Who am I?

Before I went on maternity leave my former manager gave me a piece of advice: he said it's very easy to lose "Kate" and become "Mum" instead.  I've now been a Mummy for nearly 7 months, and I think he was right.  I think I have lost who I was, but you know what?  I love being a mummy.

I can't remember what I was like before every waking moment was taken up by caring for or thinking about my baby.  I don't know what I talked about before, but I know that the majority of my conversations now end up baby related.  I don't know what I wore before all my tops had to allow easy access to my boobs. And I can't remember a time before I had a (very small) encyclopedic knowledge of breastfeeding and baby led weaning.

I'm happy (most of the time) with my new life, but in a little over 4 months I go back to work and I suspect that after the initial "Welcome back, how's your baby?" questions, people aren't going to be that interested in my new specialist subject: Baby M.  Being a mum is the hardest thing I have ever done, but going back to work is going to require using my brain in a way that hasn't been required of me since I learnt to function on so little sleep.

Going back to work is not going to be a return to my old life, rather the beginning of another new chapter.  I am gradually getting my life more organised, starting to use my brain again and making sure I continue to treasure every minute with my beautiful baby.

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