Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Missing the connection

Finally after several weeks I am fully connected to the internet again and I have so much to catch up on.  A few weeks ago my netbook died and while it turned out it was only the charger, it meant my only connection to the world (wide web) was via my iphone.  Then just to make things worse I went away for a few days to somewhere with no reception and only very occasional wifi access.  The good news is: I survived!

I did feel that I was missing out on something though.  I missed finding out what everyone was doing on twitter, especially the #zombiemoms.  I wanted to write and read blogs.  And I wanted to shop (so some good did come out of it after all).

Is it a bad thing that in some people's view I am addicted to the internet?  I don't think so.  Community, friends and family are as important as they have ever been.  In today's world there are different communities and different ways of making friends and staying in touch.  Are these friendships less real?  Via twitter, email and text I keep in contact with people, I receive and (hopefully) give support, and even occasionally I arrange to meet up with people.  If it wasn't for the time I spend hooked up to the internet I suspect I would feel lonely.  I would have given up breastfeeding.  I wouldn't be able to fight depression.  In short: I wouldn't be me.

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