Saturday, 17 March 2012

Baby Sensory

In the never ending pursuit to find activities that get me out of the house and keep the little one happy we recently started Baby Sensory classes.  Baby Sensory has classes throughout the UK.  At £60 for 10 classes they aren't cheap, but they are cheaper than a lot of activities out there.

We have been to 2 sessions so far, including the free taster session, and Baby M is really enjoying them (even if tired or hungry at the time).  The class leader is Madeleine Grand and she is brilliant.  She is like one of those completely over the top children's TV presenter types. Looking around the 20 or so babies faces during the sessions they all stare at her utterly transfixed.  

Each session starts and ends with the same song to provide some routine and the rest of the session contains a variety of activities with songs, music and lots of things to touch and look at.  So far we have played with feather dusters, bubbles, lights, pom poms, had a tea party and a lot more.  

At nearly 6 months Baby M can be fascinated for ages by a crisp packet (obviously as a good mother I wouldn't let her have one, ahem), but there is something great about handing over the responsibility for your babies entertainment and development for 40 minutes, but still sharing the experience with her.

Next week is an Easter special.  I'm expecting bunny ears, chicks and rabbits...

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