Friday, 2 December 2011

My Model Baby

On Thursday we had a busy day:

After being awake for a couple of hours it was nap time and Baby M decided she was happy to sleep in her cot (unlike for the whole of the night before) giving me the opportunity to be productive. So I had a nap too.

When we were up and fed it was time to rush to Mothercare for our free PixiFoto photo session (courtesy of Bounty). When I arrived I was advised that as our session hadn't been confirmed (they tried calling me once, but didn't leave a message) they had arranged for someone to come view their pictures in my slot. I then spent the next 20 minutes waiting. Luckily Baby M was happily having a nap.

The first picture taken was our free picture. This picture could be retaken until we were happy with it, but the old picture had to be deleted before a new one was taken. As I didn't know how long it would be before Baby M burst into tears or vomited down her dress this involved a bit of a gamble.
The rest of the photo shoot involved a variety of poses designed to help me part with my hard earned cash. The photographer managed this successfully, but quiet, don't tell my other half.

At one point whilst posing on a small box Baby M demonstrated a new skill: rolling from her front to back (she's only 9 1/2 weeks). Fortunately she didn't roll off the box, but I suspect it's only a matter of time before she rolls onto the floor.

PixiFoto photographs are surprisingly cheap for professional photographs. They have various packages which thoroughly confused me, but for £205 you can get a couple of big prints and 5 or something small ones. By small they mean 12 x 10 inches. That is nearly twice the size of the standard pictures at some other professional photographers I've been to. I decided to get all but one of my pictures unframed as I suspect I can get frames cheaper online.  They'll be available for collection in 2 weeks and I will be giving most of my family one for Christmas whether they want one or not. Very excited.

Newly bankrupt we had to go to the post office (via a drive through MaccyD's) to pick up a big box of baby clothes bought for a bargain on eBay and then a short drive to pick up a Vtech walker from another eBay seller (more about my new eBay addiction another time).

Then onto Creative Biscuit to pick up our painted pottery (see my last post).

We eventually got home for a bit of playtime before the bedtime routine (relaxing bath, massage, feed and then completely wide awake time) and over to her Dad.

Yesterday, for the first time in nearly a year, I went out.  I got dressed up, wore heels and make up and got just a little bit tipsy. I was really nervous as it was my first proper time away from Baby M, but I had left a huge amount of expressed milk in the fridge and her Dad really should be capable to look after her for a night.
I had a fabulous evening with the girls from my NCT group. It's so rare to eat my dinner with both hands and no interruptions.  Back home I was welcomed by Baby M asleep in her cot and my OH saying "I don't know what the fuss is all about, she's been perfect". She slept from when I left until time for a feed and then went down in her cot. The first sleep was in her sling (Caboo baby carrier) and my OH didn't manage anything other than rice crackers and bread for dinner so he didn't have it too easy.

An expensive, but lovely day.

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