Friday, 2 December 2011

Making a mess

On Tuesday we went to a local cafe where you can decorate pottery and then they glaze it for you. As it's nearly Christmas I decided it was perfect to make some Christmas presents for her Dad and Grandparents.
I was hoping to put hand and footprints on some played etc. Have you ever tried to persuade a baby to open their hand to allow it to be painted and then put it in a location of your choice? It's difficult. Fortunately you can wipe off the paint and start again. And again. And again. And I still didn't manage it.
But feet are different. Babies can't curl their feet into a fist so it's a lot easier to do footprints. Baby M seemed to love having get feet painted too.

We had a brilliant afternoon painting and eating cake at Creative Biscuit ( Yesterday I went to pick up everything after it was fired and I think they look great.
Good work Baby M.

PS today's advent calendar door had a Christmas tree

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