Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sleep? I remember that

Baby M's sleep behaviour has changed almost weekly since she was born:
Most of week 1 she slept in the hospital crib or Moses basket at home.
Then for a couple of weeks she would only sleep if held. This meant that she was sleeping on my chest at night. I tried getting her to sleep on her own, but she wasn't interested wouldn't.
Then suddenly she started sleeping in the cocoon from her buggy so I placed that inside her Moses basket. After a few nights I placed her directly in the Moses basket. She slept fine for about a week.
Next she decided that she couldn't sleep lying flat so I bought a reflex wedge for her basket. Until it arrived I was sleeping with my legs in an arched triangle position and Baby M lay on my upper legs at about a 45 degree angle. With the wedge she slept in her basket again.
Around the 6 week growth spurt everything changed again and for the last 3 weeks she has been in bed with me, normally lying on her side between me and the edge of the bed.
(note: we have been doing this safely: she is at no risk of suffocation or being squashed).
Occasionally I have considered getting her back in her basket, but when she is sleeping next to me we both sleep better: I can comfort her when she is fussing without having to sit up or lean over.
Last night we tried something new. On the advice of a friend I bought a cheap cot from Ikea that is designed to allow 1 side to come off. The idea was that I would drill holes to make it the same height as my bed. With my baby brain I managed to drill the holes in the wrong place, then completely ignore them by accident and use the original holes. Whilst I might get round to sorting it out at some point fortunately the end result works just fine.
The cot is sandwiched between my divan bed and the wall (avoiding the need to attach it to my bed). The cot mattress height is 2 inches below my mattress, but this could be a good thing. It means she can't roll out of her bed but we are close enough that she can reach out and touch me.
She slept in there the whole night except for feeds (we are currently on 2 night feeds). I had plenty of space and J could actually fit in the bed again.
Definitely worth the £75 (Ikea Gulliver cot for £60 and the cheapest mattress for £15).
Fingers crossed she sleeps in it for more than a few days...

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