Thursday, 24 November 2011


Baby M had her first set of jabs this morning.  I'm fully in favour of immunisations because I believe the benefits out weigh the risks, but it's still hard doing something which (in the short term) is going to bring your baby some discomfort.

I asked to feed Baby M while she had the injections and I would definitely doing recommend this.  The first injection she came off my boob to briefly squeal and then continued feeding.  I then had to swap sides quickly so the nurse could get to the other leg.  This time Baby M knew what was coming when the nurse held her leg so she started crying in anticipation, but again afterwards she quickly latched on and stopped.  We were asked to stay at the surgery for ten minutes to ensure no major reaction occurred and I continued to feed her during this time.

When we left Baby M went to sleep and she has continued to be pretty sleepy all day, but has woken up to feed and for brief periods when she has wanted cuddles and interaction.  While she has been sleeping I have been checking to make sure she is breathing and I keep checking her temperature.  So far all is ok.

edit 26th Nov: Baby M woke up every 2 hours throughout the night for a feed. At 1.30am she had a bit of a temperature so I gave her Calpol.  The next day she was more grizzly than normal and today she is back to normal.  The only evidence of the jabs is a mild reaction from the plaster adhesive (I get the same reaction).

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