Friday, 19 August 2011

One Month to go...

After a stressful month at work I decided to bring forward my maternity leave by 4 weeks.  This means that today is my first day of maternity leave.  While I’m glad I don’t have to deal with the work stress or the commute to work I am finding it all rather scary. 

When I say “I’m scared” people think that I’m scared about having the baby.  I’m not.  Not yet anyway.  I’m scared that I won’t be going into work for nearly 8 months.  Work is my identity, my structure, the thing that I am good at that makes me feel of value. 

Now I have up to 7 weeks of feeling uncomfortable before baby comes, increasingly less able to do anything.  At least when the baby comes I’ll start to have some purpose. 

So what do people do when they are on maternity leave? By mid next week I reckon I can have every bit of the house spotless, everything washed and the nursery sorted.  And I won’t even be 37 weeks. 

Anyone got any ideas of what I do next?

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