Saturday, 20 August 2011

Move update

Due to being incredibly busy after moving and not having the internet for a while I didn’t follow up on my move post, but I guess I have no excuses now.

So the house.

It’s great.  I love finally owning my own home (well approximately a door, the bank owns the rest).  We are unpacked and I am really happy with the house.  There are things that need doing, but they’ll wait.  We even have a family of hedgehogs in the garden.  The baby hedgehogs are extremely cute.

And the cats.

One of our cats was in hospital for nearly a week after the move and when we eventually got him home we had to give him 6 different types of drugs.  For anyone who doesn’t have a cat be advised cats do not like being given drugs, so that was fun.  He was fine when we got him to the new house though and he and his brother have recently been enjoying playing in the garden (hopefully away from the hedgehogs).

Today the same cat is in a bit of a sulk because it is a lovely sunny day and I’m not letting them out.  For some reason one of them (the same one who was in hospital with stress induced bladder problems) has half a swollen face.  He seems completely fine and he isn’t in pain, but I’d rather keep him in so I can keep an eye on him.  

I know the cats are far less work than a baby, but I suspect they are pretty good training with the constant demands for attention.  I'm hoping they don't mind the competition too much.

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