Monday, 15 August 2011

35 weeks update

I'm 35 weeks today.
I've come a long way, but it feels like there is going to be a long and uncomfortable time ahead. If in the normal window I have between 2 and 7 weeks of waiting left. I'm working towards the 7 weeks as I need to plan for the worst (obviously there are a lot of things far far worse than having a healthy baby in 7 weeks time, but I refuse to think about those).

So a snapshot of how I'm feeling right now about the pregnancy:

I want to be able to lie on my back
I want to drink orange juice without getting heartburn
I want to be able to run across the bridge for a tube without needing a 10 minute recovery time
I want to be able to bend and pick things up without discomfort
I want to be able to lie on my front
I want to be able to sit on the sofa in the evenings watching tv or knitting and not get restless legs (alternatively I want to be able to knit successfully whilst walking around).
I want to be able to last more than a few hours without needing a toilet
I want a rare steak 
I want sashimi
I want to sleep through the night (I should give up on that dream)
I want to be able to go to 2 of my friends weddings next month
I want to meet my baby

I love being given a seat on the tube (most of the time)
I love people carrying things for me (eg the man in Argos who took my purchase to my car for me).
I love watching my bump go a bit crazy when I've had chocolate or some unknown thing has stimulated her.
I love the current feeling of "oh sod it, I can't be bothered" at work as I only have a few days left
I love maternity tights. I seriously think I'll never go back.
I love not feeling fat and everyone telling me how "healthy" I look
I love how caring my partner is being and his concern (like when he rushes up stairs to see if I'm alright when I drop something)
I love how excited friends and family are about meeting my baby
I love that I'm going to have a baby

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