Friday, 1 July 2011

Ok so starting a blog went well

So how have I been for the last 5 months?  Pregnant mostly.  I’m 29 weeks on Monday and all is going well.

Pregnancy is an interesting time.  A strange alien life form taking over your body which affects EVERYTHING.  Obviously my belly and boobs have got bigger, but my hair is growing faster (more costly trips to the hairdressers), less energy, no coordination, leakages, baby brain (I’ve started forgetting to take the car out of gear when I park), moods.  And then there is the non physical: I now appreciate my Mum on a whole different level (she went back to work when I was very small and I was brought up by my Dad) and the amount of planning I’m doing is huge (I think I have about 20 spreadsheets on the go).  

The first 3 months were a difficult time for me.  I know that I was really lucky because I wasn’t throwing up all the time, but my problem was I lost all interest in food.  The idea of lentils or broccoli (or polyester trousers) made me feel physically sick.  

I’m a BIG foody.  I absolutely love everything about food: eating new things, cooking, eating at posh restaurants, comfort food.  Everything except the washing up.  From about weeks 4 to 12 I largely lived on toast.  I had a wide variety: cheese on toast, vegemite on toast, butter on toast, pizza... it’s just not the same.

I was also really tired.  I was going to bed earlier and earlier and I struggled to do the things I used to be able to do, like go up the stairs.  Admittedly if I was less lazy and exercised more I would have felt a lot better, but I didn’t.

Magically when I moved into the second trimester I started to want to eat again.  It’s taken me a while to make up with broccoli, and I’m not sure I’ll ever feel quite the same way about Puy lentils ever again, but once again food became my friend.

The second trimester has been great.  I’ve felt really healthy.  Healthier than pre-pregnancy.  My only complaint really has been getting restless legs in the evenings.  Restless legs are meant to be common in trimester 3 and they are meant to affect people at night in bed.  For me, so far, it’s largely affected me when I want to sit in front of the TV all evening, especially if I haven’t been active during the day.  They ache and only feel ok if I move them, but doing that constantly is a pain.

I’ve also had various stomach pains, every time I’ve reported them to a medical professional in a panic they’ve said it’s either constipation or muscular.  How any women is meant to know what pain is ok, and what is a warning sign I don’t know.  Half the time I’ve just crossed my fingers and hoped, oh and googled.  I’ve come to the conclusion that if you google a pain and don’t get a load of responses saying “get to the doctors now” you are probably ok.  I also had to google when it felt like the baby was purring or that I had swallowed a mobile phone on vibrate.  It’s comforting to know I’m not alone, even if no one had a clue what caused it.

I don’t know if I’ve just been incredibly lucky so far or how much is due to my regular acupuncture.  Last year I had really bad migraines.  They resulted in a load of time off work and living a routine which made me old before my time.  The acupuncture hugely helped with the migraine’s and headaches to the point that I was comfortable to try and have a baby without the fear of how I would survive without drugs.

I’ve continued to see my acupuncturist throughout my pregnancy (she is properly trained and has adjusted my treatment).  I had 2 migraine’s in the first few months, and the occasional headache since, but less than I have had in years.  

It’s odd to feel healthy.  Weirdly, for perhaps the first time in my life people have been telling me I look “healthy” too.  I suspect this is partly to do with how rough many pregnant women look, but it’s still nice to hear.

I’m now drifting into trimester 3 and my body is starting to struggle.  My back hurts at night, I have leg cramps, I continue to get restless legs, and the indigestion... ergh!  I’m surviving though, and very happy.

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