Saturday, 2 July 2011

Made with Love

I think it’s time I talked about knitting.  I like knitting.  I’m not very fast so it takes me a long time, and making nice things is generally expensive, but I like it.  It’s great being able to see something take shape from nothing.  It can be frustrating at times though.  When you put hours of your life into making something and it doesn’t turn out as planned you have 2 options: move on, or frog it and try again.  (I could try and be deep and make some comparison about knitting and how to succeed in life, but I wont).

For some reason I never frog my work.  “Frogging” is undoing the stitches to where it all went wrong.  This is easy to do; you just pull the loose end.  It’s the starting again that is the hard bit.

Babies however are fantastic to knit for.  Baby clothes are small.  This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the yarn and they are quick to make.  There are a lot of rubbish patterns out there though.  The other thing I enjoy knitting is toys and for pretty much the same reasons.  Plus they can look really impressive.  

So what am I knitting for my baby?

A blanket.  It’s taking ages.  I saw some in the shops and thought they looked really good, but I also thought I could knit it for cheaper (with yarn I already have).  What I forgot was: just how much time it would take and that I might not have enough yarn.  I started using up some of the masses of yarn I have, thought it was looking really good then realised I would need more.  After investigation I discovered every single yarn I was knitting with had been discontinued.  By this point I was committed though.  I managed to eventually track down extra balls, mostly through ebay and now I have plenty to finish the blanket.  Total cost will be nearly as much as buying a blanket from Mamas and Papas though.

I am really happy with how the blanket is looking.  I made up the pattern myself, but this required little skill. I’m just knitting every row in a different colour and trying to randomise the colours.  It’s currently about 40cm long and I want it to be about twice this length.  When done I’m going to edge it with ribbon to hide all the messy bits.  If I stick with it I might finish it before junior arrives, unfortunately I’m already itching to get on to the next thing.
My blanket so far
I want to knit a mobile.  I’m planning on knitting loads of small animals (Ravelry is fabulous for free patterns for this sort of things) and then I’m going to attach them to something to make a mobile to hang over the cot.  I don’t think the baby will appreciate this until they are at least a few months old so I have some time.  I’m not sure how much knitting I’ll be able to do when she arrives though.  Is is possible to knit whilst breastfeeding?  If not I may have to learn how to knit in my sleep.

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