Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Back to School

Last night I went to my first NCT class.  I decided to go to the NCT class because I thought it would give me and my partner a lot more information than the local NHS one, but it’s also a lot of money  (anything over £5 is a lot of money for me right now).

In total there are 6 couples ranging from 29 weeks pregnant (me) to 33 weeks.  At work most of the pregnant women are on their second baby so they all have much bigger bumps than me so it was nice to see other first timers.  Despite being told for the last few months that my bump is very “compact” it was reassuring to see that I wasn’t much smaller than  the others.

Everyone seemed really nice and friendly and hopefully the next 5 classes will be relatively painless.

I was interested to see 4 of the other couples were married (I was subtly comparing the size of their diamond rings), and myself and another couple aren’t.  The age range seems to be from early 20s to mid 30s.

In the 2 hour session we were scared with pictures of just how much our insides will get squished over the coming months (my bowels and stomach are already struggling), we also did loads of group work.

My approach to pregnancy reading has been to only read a month ahead as I don’t want to get scared.  Several others were more clued up though and I’m considering doing some homework so next time I don’t get embarrassed by not knowing there are 3 stages of labour, or what the signs are that you are going into labour (besides contractions starting and waters breaking).

One of the most interesting bits was a demonstration of the interactions between stress and contractions (in essence stress inhibits contractions) and how this should influence the type of birth you plan and when to go to the hospital.

I must practise my calm yogic breathing. Ommmm...

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