Monday, 11 July 2011

Moving Day

We've bought a house. It took us a while to find one we could afford that vaguely met our needs, but we found one and luckily it all went through (eventually) without a hitch.

Today is moving day and I'm sitting in the new and very empty house waiting for the removal men to turn up. What I want most is a nap, but the only piece of furniture I have is a folding plastic chair and it is about as comfy as the laminate floor.

If the whole moving thing wasn't stressful enough for us, it's been worse for our 2 cats. I've had to take one of them to the vets this morning and he has been admitted with a blocked bladder. He's got to have an operation and the vet will be calling later.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

(No) Time to Celebrate

In other news it’s 4 years exactly since a broken tube line lead myself and my partner to the same pub on the same night, the consumption of a vast amount of alcohol and our first kiss.

Who knew that 4 years later we would have been living together for 3 ½ years, be having a baby and that I love him to pieces?

To celebrate this evening we are both going to be staying sober, I’ll be making a boring dinner from left overs and I will hardly see my partner as he prepares for a job interview tomorrow.  We have celebrations planned for the weekend though.

Back to School

Last night I went to my first NCT class.  I decided to go to the NCT class because I thought it would give me and my partner a lot more information than the local NHS one, but it’s also a lot of money  (anything over £5 is a lot of money for me right now).

In total there are 6 couples ranging from 29 weeks pregnant (me) to 33 weeks.  At work most of the pregnant women are on their second baby so they all have much bigger bumps than me so it was nice to see other first timers.  Despite being told for the last few months that my bump is very “compact” it was reassuring to see that I wasn’t much smaller than  the others.

Everyone seemed really nice and friendly and hopefully the next 5 classes will be relatively painless.

I was interested to see 4 of the other couples were married (I was subtly comparing the size of their diamond rings), and myself and another couple aren’t.  The age range seems to be from early 20s to mid 30s.

In the 2 hour session we were scared with pictures of just how much our insides will get squished over the coming months (my bowels and stomach are already struggling), we also did loads of group work.

My approach to pregnancy reading has been to only read a month ahead as I don’t want to get scared.  Several others were more clued up though and I’m considering doing some homework so next time I don’t get embarrassed by not knowing there are 3 stages of labour, or what the signs are that you are going into labour (besides contractions starting and waters breaking).

One of the most interesting bits was a demonstration of the interactions between stress and contractions (in essence stress inhibits contractions) and how this should influence the type of birth you plan and when to go to the hospital.

I must practise my calm yogic breathing. Ommmm...

Saturday, 2 July 2011

How to make a catnip mouse | Life and style |

How to make a catnip mouse | Life and style |

Made with Love

I think it’s time I talked about knitting.  I like knitting.  I’m not very fast so it takes me a long time, and making nice things is generally expensive, but I like it.  It’s great being able to see something take shape from nothing.  It can be frustrating at times though.  When you put hours of your life into making something and it doesn’t turn out as planned you have 2 options: move on, or frog it and try again.  (I could try and be deep and make some comparison about knitting and how to succeed in life, but I wont).

For some reason I never frog my work.  “Frogging” is undoing the stitches to where it all went wrong.  This is easy to do; you just pull the loose end.  It’s the starting again that is the hard bit.

Babies however are fantastic to knit for.  Baby clothes are small.  This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the yarn and they are quick to make.  There are a lot of rubbish patterns out there though.  The other thing I enjoy knitting is toys and for pretty much the same reasons.  Plus they can look really impressive.  

So what am I knitting for my baby?

A blanket.  It’s taking ages.  I saw some in the shops and thought they looked really good, but I also thought I could knit it for cheaper (with yarn I already have).  What I forgot was: just how much time it would take and that I might not have enough yarn.  I started using up some of the masses of yarn I have, thought it was looking really good then realised I would need more.  After investigation I discovered every single yarn I was knitting with had been discontinued.  By this point I was committed though.  I managed to eventually track down extra balls, mostly through ebay and now I have plenty to finish the blanket.  Total cost will be nearly as much as buying a blanket from Mamas and Papas though.

I am really happy with how the blanket is looking.  I made up the pattern myself, but this required little skill. I’m just knitting every row in a different colour and trying to randomise the colours.  It’s currently about 40cm long and I want it to be about twice this length.  When done I’m going to edge it with ribbon to hide all the messy bits.  If I stick with it I might finish it before junior arrives, unfortunately I’m already itching to get on to the next thing.
My blanket so far
I want to knit a mobile.  I’m planning on knitting loads of small animals (Ravelry is fabulous for free patterns for this sort of things) and then I’m going to attach them to something to make a mobile to hang over the cot.  I don’t think the baby will appreciate this until they are at least a few months old so I have some time.  I’m not sure how much knitting I’ll be able to do when she arrives though.  Is is possible to knit whilst breastfeeding?  If not I may have to learn how to knit in my sleep.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Ok so starting a blog went well

So how have I been for the last 5 months?  Pregnant mostly.  I’m 29 weeks on Monday and all is going well.

Pregnancy is an interesting time.  A strange alien life form taking over your body which affects EVERYTHING.  Obviously my belly and boobs have got bigger, but my hair is growing faster (more costly trips to the hairdressers), less energy, no coordination, leakages, baby brain (I’ve started forgetting to take the car out of gear when I park), moods.  And then there is the non physical: I now appreciate my Mum on a whole different level (she went back to work when I was very small and I was brought up by my Dad) and the amount of planning I’m doing is huge (I think I have about 20 spreadsheets on the go).  

The first 3 months were a difficult time for me.  I know that I was really lucky because I wasn’t throwing up all the time, but my problem was I lost all interest in food.  The idea of lentils or broccoli (or polyester trousers) made me feel physically sick.  

I’m a BIG foody.  I absolutely love everything about food: eating new things, cooking, eating at posh restaurants, comfort food.  Everything except the washing up.  From about weeks 4 to 12 I largely lived on toast.  I had a wide variety: cheese on toast, vegemite on toast, butter on toast, pizza... it’s just not the same.

I was also really tired.  I was going to bed earlier and earlier and I struggled to do the things I used to be able to do, like go up the stairs.  Admittedly if I was less lazy and exercised more I would have felt a lot better, but I didn’t.

Magically when I moved into the second trimester I started to want to eat again.  It’s taken me a while to make up with broccoli, and I’m not sure I’ll ever feel quite the same way about Puy lentils ever again, but once again food became my friend.

The second trimester has been great.  I’ve felt really healthy.  Healthier than pre-pregnancy.  My only complaint really has been getting restless legs in the evenings.  Restless legs are meant to be common in trimester 3 and they are meant to affect people at night in bed.  For me, so far, it’s largely affected me when I want to sit in front of the TV all evening, especially if I haven’t been active during the day.  They ache and only feel ok if I move them, but doing that constantly is a pain.

I’ve also had various stomach pains, every time I’ve reported them to a medical professional in a panic they’ve said it’s either constipation or muscular.  How any women is meant to know what pain is ok, and what is a warning sign I don’t know.  Half the time I’ve just crossed my fingers and hoped, oh and googled.  I’ve come to the conclusion that if you google a pain and don’t get a load of responses saying “get to the doctors now” you are probably ok.  I also had to google when it felt like the baby was purring or that I had swallowed a mobile phone on vibrate.  It’s comforting to know I’m not alone, even if no one had a clue what caused it.

I don’t know if I’ve just been incredibly lucky so far or how much is due to my regular acupuncture.  Last year I had really bad migraines.  They resulted in a load of time off work and living a routine which made me old before my time.  The acupuncture hugely helped with the migraine’s and headaches to the point that I was comfortable to try and have a baby without the fear of how I would survive without drugs.

I’ve continued to see my acupuncturist throughout my pregnancy (she is properly trained and has adjusted my treatment).  I had 2 migraine’s in the first few months, and the occasional headache since, but less than I have had in years.  

It’s odd to feel healthy.  Weirdly, for perhaps the first time in my life people have been telling me I look “healthy” too.  I suspect this is partly to do with how rough many pregnant women look, but it’s still nice to hear.

I’m now drifting into trimester 3 and my body is starting to struggle.  My back hurts at night, I have leg cramps, I continue to get restless legs, and the indigestion... ergh!  I’m surviving though, and very happy.